Custom Handmade Sterling Silver 6mm Band

These are 6mm, Sterling Silver, Hammered rings we make in our workshop. The ones photographed measure roughly 6mm across.

To order your hammered ring, contact us using the message box during checkout. Let us know if you prefer a light and bright shine finish, or a deep antique finish. All sizes are the same cost and shipping is free!

We custom make these coin rings so no two are exactly alike. We can make matching sets, and provide gift shipping. Please contact us at checkout in the “Add Message” box with the following information:

  1. The number of rings you need.
  2. The sizes you need.
  3. The finish you like best.
  4. Let us know if the rings are gifts.

Custom orders require time to craft and ship. We cannot provide same-day shipping on this item. We can ship the following day on most orders, and you can purchase faster shipping by contacting us. Please let us know if you need expedited shipping in the “Add Message” box during checkout, and provide us with a contact phone number. We will call you directly to finalize the details of your order.

🎁 Free Gift Shipping Available! 🎁
Contact us in the Add Message box at checkout and
let us know the recipient’s address and what you
want to say on the gift note.

Secure payment using MasterCard, Visa, American Express,
Discover, PayPal, or your Debit Card.


We offer Fast and Free shipping through the United States Post Office.

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