King Tut, Tutankhaten Coin Pendant and Chain


King Tut was unearthed in the 1920’s and has since traveled the world. Not a bad afterlife for a child king. His full name, Tutankhaten means “Living Image of Amun.” Mystery surrounds his death; it may have been murder, or a broken bone, or an infection but even our modern science cannot determine what brought the young man to his demise. Tut ruled for ten years, and his cult of followers worshiped him as a god during and after his short life.

The Egyptian coin features Tut’s burial mask in intricate detail surrounded by an ornamental silver wreath. The obverse shows the date minted and the denomination, one pound. Minted from 2005 to 2018, the coin has crisp details. The coin pendant comes on an 18k gold filled chain.

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