Ancient Rune Ring, Size 8.5

Runes were an early form of writing with no standard instruction manual. Written vertically or horizontally, forward or backward, from left to right or right to left, the progression of story can be difficult to decipher. Luckily, this ring contains only four runes and no matter which way you read them, their story shines through.

This ring contains the runes:  ᛊᚹᛁᛊ.

ᛊ, the Sowilo rune means Sun.
ᚹ, the Isaz rune means Ice.
ᛁ, the Wynn rune means Joy, or Bliss.
ᛊ, again the Sowilo, means sun; the everlasting source of life.

Taken together these runes symbolize a message of eternal joy or bliss. Perhaps this ring was a gift to symbolize the devotion of one person to another, a promise of undying affection for summers, winters, and again into summers no matter the heat or cold. Show your devotion by giving this ring to your sun and moon, the person with whom you experience joy and bliss.

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