Collector’s Chinatown New York, Flag Spoon

This 1970’s era spoon commemorates New York’s Chinatown district and is about four and a half (4.5) inches, or 11.4cm long. The unique flag design makes this a stand out addition to any spoon collection.

Chinatown is on Manhattan island between the Lower East Side and Tribeca neighborhoods. However, there are many Chinatown neighborhoods in New York. Brooklyn and Queens also have Chinatown neighborhoods, Queens being the largest at this time.

The history of Manhattan Chinatown dates back to the mid 19th century, when a cigar salesman names Ah Ken founded his business. Ah Ken was a Cantonese man who opened a cigar store on Park Row alongside other Americans and immigrants all chasing the American Dream.

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Chinatown, New York Collectible Spoon


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