Two Spoon Set – Viva La Mexico!










These souvenir spoons feature the Aztec Calendar Stone, or Sun Stone. In recent times the sun stone has become a national symbol for the country of Mexico. Miniature sun stones adorn these collectors spoons, one from Ciudad Juárez, the Paso del Norte, and one from Mexico.

The Mexico spoon is rose-gold-toned and the Cd Juárez spoon is silver-toned. Both spoons are stamped Alpaca Mexico on the back of the stem. Alpaca silver is an alloy that does not contain silver. It looks very much like sterling silver but is not silver. Alpaca silver is used to make collectible jewelry and spoons in the U.S., in Mexico, in Central America and in South America. For more information about Alpaca silver you can read this article: “What is Alpaca Silver?”

Manufactured in Mexico, these spoons are three and three-quarters (3 3/4) inches or 9.4cm. The decorative sun stone tops are three-quarters (3/4) of an inch in diameter, or 1.9cm across.

Whether for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, these spoons are a great way to keep a piece of Mexico with you, no matter how far you go. You can include gift shipping instructions at check out.

This is a two for one offer!
You get both spoons!
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