Collectible Gold-tone Hawaii Spoon





The history of Hawaii is rich and the island culture is strong. Radio Carbon dating indicates the first permanent inhabitants settled the island approximately 800 years ago, during the 1200s. These skilled sailors left homes in the Polynesian, Tahitian, Tuamotu and Samoan islands. They farmed the land and ocean, creating advanced societies with a ruling class and religious elite. In 1778 Captain James Cook stumbled upon the islands and a few short years later in 1801, Kamehameha The Great, King and Royal Hawaiian son, unified the island chain.

The Independent Hawaiian Islands joined the United States of America under duress in 1959, but US presence on the islands was nothing new. The attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was not the beginning of US occupation, nor was the Strike of 1920 the first evidence of the USA on the island chain. These small and beautiful islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean have been a US territory since 1898.

Hawaii is a state with beautiful land and rich culture. It is a beloved vacation destination for many US citizens. This collectible and intricate Hawaii spoon is gold-toned and approximately four and three-quarters (4 3/4) inches or 12cm long from tip to tip.

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