Antique Taisho era Empress Blossom 1 Sen Coin Pendant





The Paulownia Flower graces the face of this beautiful antique copper coin pendant. The Paulownia Flower is from the Paulownia, or Empress tree. A tall and proud, flowering tree species whose blooms pile one on top of the other. The trees produce cascading flowers in shades of purple and pink ranging from the palest blush to deep hues, earning the nickname “the foxglove tree.”

By Famartin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons. php?curid=33009600

This Japanese coin is from the Taisho era, from 1916 – 1924. The pendant you will receive is also from the same era, with the same Paulownia flower and wreath design, but perhaps not the same year. The dates will not necessarily match. Your coin pendant may have different characters beneath surrounding the Paulownia Flower Seal on the face of the coin but still from 1916 – 1924. Your pendant purchase includes a gold-plated chain like the one photographed.

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