Walking Liberty USA Half Dollar Ring

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar makes a handsome ring. This ring comes in sizes 7 to 12.5. Sizes are not standard from country to country or shop to shop. Please measure your finger, and make sure there is enough room to fit the ring over your knuckle.

To find your ring size measure the circumference of your finger with a slip of paper. Make sure the paper will slip over your knuckle without tearing. Then measure the length of that slip of paper in millimeters and include the length in the Add Message box at checkout. For full instructions click here to determine your ring size.

Now you get to choose your year! Prices are based on coin mintage. Some years the US minted more coins than others. We only pick coins with good details for your ring. Finding a good looking 100-year-old coin takes more time and costs more money, than finding a 50-year-old coin with the same quality of detail.

The Walking Liberty Coin was not minted during 1930, 1931, or 1932 due to the Great Depression. Money was scarce and no one was printing or minting any new money. To do so would have further devalued the US dollar – the last thing we want during a depression or recession! We made the following options to help you chose your year.

1916 – 1929 ✦ $80
Great Depression
1933 – 1938 ✦ $60
1939 – 1940 ✦ $60
1941 – 1945 ✦ $40
1946 – 1947 ✦ $60

We custom make these coin rings so no two are exactly alike. We can make sets, and provide gift shipping. Please contact us at checkout in the “Add Message” box with the following information:

  1. The number of rings you need.
  2. The sizes you need.
  3. Specify the years you need.
  4. Let us know if the rings are gifts.

Custom orders require time to craft and ship. Please answer the previous questions in the “Add Message” box during checkout, and provide us with a contact phone number.

☎ If you are ordering more than one ring we will call you to finalize the details of your order before we set to work on your rings. ☎

Any year from 1916 – 1929 $80
Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

$80.00 ——


Any year from 1933 – 1938 $60
Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

$60.00 ——


Any year from 1939 – 1940 $60
Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

$60.00 ——


Any year from 1941 – 1945 $40
Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

$40.00 ——


Any year from 1946 – 1947 $60
Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

$60.00 ——


With Fast and Free shipping through the United States Post Office.

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