Happiness Pendant Necklace, Irish Token 1804

This Irish token of Public Happiness is one of the rarest and most desirable tokens minted. Privately minted, this token is fine silver according to the standards of the time. This one is from Dublin, Ireland and minted in 1804.




Silversmiths and bankers in Dublin struck silver tokens like this one, from 1804 – 1812. The tokens were popular and in 1811 England and Whales followed suit. During this period one ounce of fine silver was enough to make five shillings and two pence, and England refused to mint coins for Ireland. So the Irish took matters into their own hands. First in Ireland and then across the UK, Happiness tokens became new, legitimate money.


There are approximately 300 different styles of Public Happiness tokens and they were in circulation until December 1813, when increased fraud made these unsustainable as well. Dublin’s token, the one on this coin necklace has the “Pro Bono Publico” legend on the reverse, which means “for the public good” and is quite fitting a message for a token aimed at reducing crime.


Featuring an antique repair, this nicely toned, privately minted 1804 Irish sterling silver “To the health of the King” token, set in a 24mm Sterling Silver Bezel pendant on a 5.5mm wide 20″ long sterling silver Italian chain.




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