Reindeer Caribou Coin Pendant From the Land of Winter


Caribou are wild reindeer, and they have a long history of traveling across the northern reaches of the Americans all year-long. As migratory animals they travel vast distances on short amounts of time, and even in areas of stable population, they are unpredictable and can vanish in an instant. Their dwindling population further south, has earned the Caribou the nickname of Gray Ghosts.

Although the herd animals have always been a source of food, clothing, and comfort to Northern tribes in the Canada, Russia and Scandinavia, reindeer gained greater fame and a connection to Christmas when included in the poem “A visit from St. Nicholas.” More commonly known as “Twas the night before Christmas” the poem gained popularity in the early and mid 1800’s. The idea that Santa’s reindeer pulled his sleigh across the sky delivering presents enamored western populations with these magnificent herd animals. Whether written by Clement Clarke Moore, or Henry Livingston Jr. one thing is certain – reindeer are now ubiquitously associated with winter and the spirit of giving.

A handsome reindeer graces the obverse of these 25 cent pieces. If you are looking for a specific year (or years) please contact us ! Minted in Canada from 1937 to present you will receive a random year unless we agree to a specific year before you place your order. The coin pendant is 25mm, or about an inch across, and comes on a 30″ sterling silver plated necklace.

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1985, 1986, 1993, 1995, 1999 Special Silver Proof!

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