Irish Stag CPendant Necklace, The Red Deer

Irish Punt coins feature a National Irish symbol; the red deer. Red deer are the fourth largest deer species, only slightly smaller than Elk and they are so close in size, they were mistaken for a single species until recently. The Irish red deer is a unique sub-species of the vast red deer population that extends across all of the northern hemisphere and even in some South American locations. The males of the species, like the one on the pendant, are stags and the females are hinds.

The pendant is 33m across, just larger than one and one-quarter inches. Your purchase includes a 24″ white gold filled snake chain like the one in the pictures. Please let us know if you would like a shorter chain in the Add Message box at checkout. We also provide gift shipping. Please leave the gift recipient’s address (along with chain length!) in the Add Message box at checkout. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pay with your Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal in the Every Magical Day store on eBay. Follow the affiliate link below to see more pictures and get all the details!

Irish Red Deer Celtic 33mm Coin Pendant 24″ White Gold Filled Round Snake Chain

With Fast and Free shipping to many locations through the United States Post Office.

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