French Coin Pendant Necklace featuring Marianne

This French coin pendant is all original, 100% vintage, and the perfect Francophile gift. Vive la France! 1 Franc coins are aluminum-bronze, minted in this style from 1931-1941. The coin features Marianne in her Phrygian cap crowned in olive, oak, and wheat. The back of the coin shows the bounty of France in the form of two flanking cornucopias. The words “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” join the cornucopias across the top.

French Coin Pendant 1 Franc
coin pendant necklace french 1 franc reverse

Your coin pendant comes with a 24″ gold-filled snake chain, and free shipping through the United States Post Office. A perfect gift for the Francophile you know! Gift shipping available – please leave the recipient’s address in the Add Message box at checkout!

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French 1 Franc Coin Pendant Necklace

Free gift wrapping available. Let us know it is a gift in the add message box when you checkout.

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