Portugal Silver Plated Spoon Souvenir

Portuguese Silver Plated Souvenir Spoon

The first King of Portugal, Garcia II of Galicia ruled in 1071, but Portugal was only a small portion of the modern country. On December 5th,1910 Portugal gained the shape it has today, but it was not until 1975 that the modern, free-state of Portugal emerged. The region’s history reaches back to the Homo heidelbergensis fossils found in the Cave of Aroeira northwest of Lisbon, but modern humans first set foot in the region some 35,000 years ago.

Portuguese bullfighting, as depicted on the spoon, differs from the neighboring Spanish bullfighting tradition. In Portugal the cavaleiros are on horseback instead of on their feet. There are also female bullfighters called cavaleiras who are just as brave and honored as their male counterparts. Additionally groups of men may fight a single bull unarmed. These forcadors subdue a bull – hand to hoof – and let the bull walk away after the match. The extreme sport is gaining popularity in Brazil and California where a group of forcadors is sometimes called a suicide squad for their participate in the life threatening game.

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