Salamanca, Spain Souvenir Spoon

Steeped in history Salamanca is an ancient city in Northwestern Spain. Archeological evidence suggests their were warriors and grain farmers in the area as early as 800-400 BCE, these people are known as the Vaccaei (Proto-Indo-European and Pre-Celtic). As farming skills developed, their numbers grew. An early historical record comes to us from 220 BCE when Hannibal seized the city, just before replacing his brother-in-law as commander of the Carpathian army and beginning his infamous career as conqueror. The city features the fourth oldest university in Europe, Universidad de Salamanca founded in 1134 after the expansion of the older, Cathedral School of Salamanca.

The spoon is 9.3cm or 3 and 11/16 inches from tip to tip. The enameled badge features a reverse of the city’s flag and split-shield coat of arms. The left field has eight alternating, vertical red and silver stripes. The field on the right shows a bull standing atop an aqueduct in water, looking toward the center, standing beneath a stylized fig tree.

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