Dollar Coin Money Clip, Stainless Steel

This money clip fits any US Dollar Coin.

New old-stock, this money clip is a brand new item. This clip is one of three styles that spent the past 30+ years in the back of an attic in Rhode Island. We were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to secure these Made in the USA, quality money clips for US Dollar Coins.

This stainless steel money clip will never tarnish. The money clip does not contain any silver.

♦️ Money clip securely holds the Liberty Seated, Trade, Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower Dollars & Modern 1 oz. Silver Commemorative coins, size 38 mm, minted in limited runs, on-and-off from 1794 to present.
♦️ You can use your own U.S. Dollar coin to finish your Dollar Coin money clip or purchase the “coin included” option below.
♦️ Only fits 38 mm coins. Made for US Dollars but will hold any 38 mm coin or token from any country, from any time.

With the built-in inner-frame flex plate, you do not need to fold your bills first. Slide the clip over your stack of bills with just one finger, then flip the stack in half behind the clip frame. Your money stays snug, flush against the underside of the coin bezel. The coin presses your money against the clip to keep you cash secure in your pocket.

You can use your own U.S. Dollar coin, or purchase a money clip and coin. Both options are available below.

♦️ Slim money clip. Easy to carry in your pocket.
♦️ Reeded edge holder to mimic the coin – looks just like the real silver dollar coin.
♦️ Made of stainless steel; does not contain any silver, will not tarnish, even with heavy use.
♦️ Swap coins at anytime because of the money clip’s quality construction.
♦️ Free jewelry size screw driver included; coin is fully held in place with a secure side screw top.
♦️ Inner steel flex plate adjusts to the cash you carry – any amount from three to fifteen bills will fit.
♦️ 100% Free shipping no matter where you live, no-minimum order!

Easy coin installation, if you can turn a screwdriver you can do this!

Gift Shipping Available! Contact us in the Add Message box at checkout and let us know the recipient’s address and what you want to say on the gift note. Have a Great Day!

Pay with Credit Card or PayPal:

Money Clip, Coin Not Included!

Money Clip and Eisenhower Dollar Coin (random year) Included!

If you are looking for another Dollar coin
Contact Us
and we will see what we can do for you.

We offer Fast and Free International and Domestic shipping
through the United States Post Office.

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