Oklahoma Souvenir Collectible Spoon



Oklahoma joined the United States in 1907. The name means “Red People” which is fitting, considering the systematic forced relocation of numerous Native American tribes from all over the nation to Indian territory as a means of settling the land. On the spoon you’ll see an oil derrick and a Chief in war bonnet profile over a hill with a blue sky background. A very similar bust decorates the entryway, and adorns the resort accommodations at Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma. A Cheyenne chief, Roman Nose, served as a model for the park sign and other park related goods. The bust on the spoon is very similar in appearance. The spoon measures just longer than 3 and 1/4 inches, about 9.5 centimeters from tip to tip. Perfect for the spoon collector you know!

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Oklahoma Souvenir Collectible Spoon

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