Vintage Silver Oval Scarf Clasp

Although Pendant and Ring specializes in, you guessed it, Pendants and Rings, sometimes we come across a piece that we have to share. This clip is just the thing to complete the vintage look. The oval scarf clip is 52.5mm (2 1/8 inches) at its widest point, and roughly 5cm (1 1/2 inches) tall.

Well made, this vintage clip not crack and break like a plastic clip. The screws used in the construction of this scarf clasp are easy to loosen for luxurious thick scarves, and equally easy to tighten for thin and silky scarves. On the back there is a hinged loop that holds the opposite end of the scarf in place when you wear it.  We published a How To post with pictures that explains how to use this kind of scarf clip.

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Vintage Silver Oval Scarf Clasp

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