Eternity Knot Earrings

These Eternity knots have no beginning and no end, thus signifying an eternal devotion. Whether that devotion is one of friendship or another kind of love is determined by the giver and the receiver. Knots as symbols are a large part of many traditional cultural decorations. Although some consider this style a specifically Celtic design, it is not. Other cultures also use never-ending, never beginning knot-designs to signify love and devotion. The Chinese love knot, for one, predates the entire Celtic culture. Out of Africa, the Algerian Love knot achieved recent acclaim in the Bond film, Casino Royal. There is not one True Lover’s Knot, instead, there are multitudes of knots from many diverse cultures. Show your affection with these eternity knot earrings today!

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Eternity Knot Earrings

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