Stainless Steel, Etched, Greek Key Pattern Ring

Size 9 Stainless Steel, Etched, Greek Key Pattern Ring

“Perhaps there is no motif this is truer of than the Greek key, which is even older than its name suggests. Variations of the design are found on Egyptian tombs, ancient Chinese buildings and sculptures, and Mayan carvings. Still, we most closely associate the linear geometric pattern with the Greeks and their mosaic floors, red and black pots, and masterfully carved marble friezes.

Greek key, also referred to as meander, is in its most basic form a linear pattern. The design is made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself, mimicking the ancient Maeander River of Asia Minor with its many twists and turns. Homer mentions the river in “The Iliad,” and it is believed that the meander motif symbolizes infinity or the eternal flow of things. (In fact, the word “meander” is derived from the ­250-mile-long snaking Maeander, known today as the Menderes, which flows through southwestern Turkey.) What is most astonishing about the meander motif is that it is found in the architecture, sculpture and decorative arts of many early civilizations — civilizations that could not possibly have known or seen one another’s artifacts. It seems that those cultures, independent of one another, created their own version of the motif” (Mayhew).

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Size 9 Stainless Steel, Etched, Greek Key Pattern Ring


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Mayhew, E. (2018). This pattern keeps popping up in design, and it’s even older than it sounds.. [online] [Accessed 25 Apr. 2019].

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