Stainless Steel Ring With Celtic Scrollwork Detail

Stainless Steel Ring With Celtic Scrollwork Detail. This design is unique in that it combines two types of Celtic interlace through use of the never-ending circular designs, and the inclusion of zoomorphic terminations.

“There are two main types of interlace in Celtic Art. Knotwork that is composed of closed paths of bands or cords is very formal, following a number of simple but strict rules. The first rule is that crossings must always alternate over and under, over and under. Two or more overs or unders in a row are considered a mistake and are very rare in the ancient examples of Celtic interlace. The second rule is that the path should be endless. Knotwork is made of convoluted circles. The consistency with which endlessness and the regularity of over and under is achieved is evidence that for whatever reason these were considered important qualities. Only two strands cross at any given point, never three or more as we occasionally see in modern Celtic revival knotwork. There is a tendency in the better examples of knotwork to achieve a single endless path, rather than a series of several separate strands in the entire composition. This not a universal rule but it must have been an important consideration since often very clever compromises in symmetry will be made to accomplish single rather than multiple paths.

The second type of interlace is animal or zoomorphic interlace. The same rules of over and under regularity apply as with knotwork however since the forms of birds and beast branch out in limbs, tails, tongues and crests it is often impossible to maintain that rule absolutely. Study of the best examples shows that a great deal of thought has been given to keeping the integrity of the alternation of crossings as regular as possible. The compromises are made where least obvious and cleverly hidden when unavoidable. These interlaces by their nature have terminals, unlike pure knotwork. Tails and tongues will end in curls or spirals and legs will end in feet. Strands of interlace never end abruptly except debased examples from later dates when the art goes into decline” (Walker).

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Walker, Stephen. “Celtic Interlace”. Celtarts.Com, 2000. Accessed 25 Apr 2019.

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