Vintage Beau Rose Silver Brooch

This is a Beaucraft brooch featuring the vintage hallmark stamp, “Beau-Ste” on the back. You can see the makers mark in the second photo below.  The Beau Jewelry company produced quality sterling silver and 14k pieces from 1947-2004. This rose brooch is an earlier design as evidenced by the singular silver sheen. In later years, Beaucraft mixed and matched finishes, but not in the beginning. This sterling silver rose brooch is in excellent condition, unsurprisingly, as all Beaucraft items from their inceptionto their retirement were made with great craftsmanship.  The clasp is in excellent working order, opening and closing smoothly. The detailed rose bloom is 2cm across and approximately 1cm tall.

  • total length: 5cm
  • total width: 3cm
  • total height: 1.2cm
  • total weight: 0.17 oz. standard


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Vintage Rose Silver Brooch


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Beaucraft Sterling Silver Rose Brooch

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