Silver-Tone Classic Flower Shape, Pin-back Rhinestone Brooch

This classically styled safety-clasp pin-back brooch is positively brilliant. The way it captures and casts little light rays is beautiful. The brooch contains 33 glittering rhinestones in three different sizes. The central stone is the largest one and it is secured in a bezel cup. Surrounding the center stone are eight medium-sized stones, each secure in a pointed petal creating a raised central flower. Beyond the central flower are three rings of medium and small rhinestones in an alternating placement pattern. The edges of the brooch are styled in a traditional, smooth, eight-petal design with eight points, one between each shining petal. This classic floral brooch is 3.2cm across from petal to petal. Total height is 1.2cm from the pin on the back of the brooch to the top of the center rhinestone.


Only 1 left!

Silver-Tone Pin-back, Classic Floral, Rhinestone Brooch


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