Silver Diamond Coin-on-top Ring, Size 9

This is a size 9, diamond-coin ring! The diamond coin is a Curaçao 5 cent coin. Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island off the north coast of Venezuela. In 1948, Netherland’s Queen Wilhemina commissioned one million 5 cent pieces for circulation on the island. The coin has an engraved orange branch in the center, with a ribbon of text and stylistic waves in the corners nearest the edge. This diamond-coin is secured to a .900 silver band engraved with entwining oak leaves and alpine roses. The ring band made from a Swiss 2 Franc coin with the oak and alpine roses that symbolize the freedom-loving citizenry in Switzerland. See the images below for more details.

Coin Ring Netherlands Swiss Silver Ring

Silver Coin-on-top Coin Ring


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