Striped Grooves, Ancient Tiny Ring Pendant Necklace

Don’t you just love jewelry that has the weight of history behind it? These restored rings are tiny in stature but big on history. This tiny ring pendant is a US size 1 1/4, that’s only 14 mm across. It is so tiny! The outside is decorated with two grooves. It was only after the careful restoration that the grooves became visible. You can see the ravages of time, especially on one side, where time started to eat away at this tiny treasure. The antique restored ring comes on a smooth 24″ gold-filled chain.

Striped Grooves Ancient Tiny Ring Pendant Necklace


Not quite the ring you are looking for?
Take a look at these pendant necklaces instead.

Ancient restored ring with two decorative grooves as a pendant necklace on a gold filled chain.

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