Holiday Movies for Date Night♡♡

Ten movies for your holiday date night! Sometimes a rom-com is just what you need, and sometimes a date calls for something else altogether. Here are 10 movies, rom-coms and more that are perfect for date night, no matter what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

Edward Scissorhands is an unrequited Pinocchio love story. All Edward wants is to be a real boy, but no one in the town below his castle knows quite how to take him.

Snowed Inn Christmas on Amazon is a funny, work-place, holiday romance that pairs an unlikely duo against the backdrop of snowy Aspen, Colorado during the holidays.

Love Actually because who doesn’t love to watch 16 people pair up and fall for each other over Christmas?

3 Godfathers is a John Wayne movie about three wild west outlaws who deliver an orphaned baby to safety.

Christmas Pen Pal is a story of reluctant love as the creator of a dating app discovers that the old-fashioned ways to find love still work.

The Holiday explores the English countryside and Los Angeles. Two heartbroken women swap houses at Christmastime and fall for two very special and unsuspecting locals.

29th Street is a comedy-drama set in 1976, told in flashback format. Based on a true story, NYC lottery winner, Frank, explains why he was throwing rocks at church windows on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas Getaway is a rom-com featuring a writer on vacation, double-booked with a mourning widower and his family, including his mother.

Bottled With Love is a funny and heartwarming tale of a woman who puts her heart in a bottle and finds a fisherman to fall for.

Joyeux Noel is a retelling of the WWI Christmas truce in the trenches between French and German soldiers.

Happy Holidays from Pendant and Ring!

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Christmas Movie Date Night

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