Good Luck Leprechaun’s Gold Necklace- Sold Out!

As far as jewelry goes, lucky charms can’t get much better than Leprechaun-gold, four-leaf clover, coins! As we discussed last week, our Leprechaun friend surprised us with a few coins of Leprechaun likeness when he vanished into thin air! We took those likenesses and made these “Leprechaun Coin” pendant necklaces just for you. 🍀

These coins are made of lithe Leprechaun plastique gold,
and hammered with tiny Leprechaun cobbler’s hammers.

The pendants are 1 and 3/8 inches or 32mm across.
The herringbone, braided, gold-filled chain is 28 inches long.

Because it is bad luck to profit from
Leprechaun’s gold, you get the coin for free!

We offer this chain and coin pendant holder for
only $18.00. This deal will vanish on Monday, March 23rd!

Order yours now, while the rainbow glistens!

Good Luck “Leprechaun’s Gold” Coin Necklace

Sold out!


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