Saint Medals Are Here!

New to the Every Magical Day store on eBay we have two Saint’s Pendants for you!

We opted for Our Lady Mary, as Our Lady of Lordes the Immaculate Conception, and for Saint Benedict, the patron of Students and all of Europe.

Saint Mary Immaculate Conception Jewelry Necklace
Saint Benedict Medal Necklace

Because Our Lady the Immaculate Conception appeared to her faithful servant Bernadette Soubirous just outside Lourdes, France, her pendant features the prayer of intersession in French.

The Saint Benedict Medal is laser etched in the modern style and features his iconic banishment on the reverse.

Both Saint Medals are Gold-Filled and come with smooth Gold Filled, 24″ Snake Chains!

Get yours today!

Our Lady, Immaculate Conception Medal from Every Magical Day

Saint Benedict Medal From Every Magical Day

While you are there, check out all the other great pieces from our sister store, Every Magical Day. We have coin pendants and other pretty pieces for your jewelry box!

See you on the
¡ǝpᴉs dᴉlɟ


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