Celtic Triquetra Trinity Rings!

As promised, here are the new rings! These rings are yellow gold plated, and rose gold plated respectively. Both contain the traditional Celtic triquetra knot and are available in our store, Every Magical Day on eBay. Click through the affiliate links below the pictures for more details!

The triquetra design is the simplest Celtic knot made of three equal-sized lobes. Each one represents an aspect of a trinity. The design predates Christian activity in the Celtic world and was adopted by the early Christian missionaries as a symbol for the Christian trinity. Triquetras adorn illuminated manuscripts from the middle ages, and can still be found in religious architecture.

As a pre-Christian symbol, the triquetra represented triplicity. The seasons of life; youth, adulthood, and old age were represented by the triquetra. The triple goddess: maiden, mother, crone, and the agricultural cycle of the year; leaf, fruit, and decay were also represented by the triquetra. Together the lobes of the triquetra make a whole, and still, each lobe is distinct.

Gold Plated Ring Celtic Triquetra and Circle
Celtic Rose Gold Triquetra Ring

Free Shipping to the US and to many countries!

See you next time on Pendant and Ring!

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