Top of the Morning to You!

As the year grows, we are beginning to see a bit of green here in there in our central US landscape. We are happy to see blue skies and hope that our fellow North Americans are finding warmth now that the Arctic Blast is only a memory!

To our dear Australian friends, we are happy for you and the abundant signs of fall, including and especially the cool weather!

Here in the shifting of seasons, the whole world sits in flux. We are crossing paths, the north and south hemispheres, and we both share the excitement of a new season.

Soon we will celebrate the changing of seasons, in many parts of the world, with a beloved holiday: Saint Patrick’s Day! St. Pat’s Day is our household’s third favorite holiday, only falling behind Christmas and Halloween.

We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with green cookies, green drinks, and red clover mixed with shamrocks in the garden, still too cold for seedlings. We break out the bunny decor and don our Irish jewelry, celebrating our ancestry, no matter how far we are from the Emerald Isle!

Enjoy the flux of spring and fall and join us in celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day!

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Irish Celtic Saint Patrick's Day Jewelry

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