✨ Transformation Tuesday, Before and After ✨

All the American Indian coin necklaces we make are made in the spirit of continual renewal and adaptation embodied by the numerous and resilient First American tribes. May we all be so capable of transformations.

coin necklace native american indian buffalo

Indians are not some mystical historical people. American Indians are Americans; the first ones. Their missing children are of equal importance. Their persecution is equally shameful. Their contributions are not something to be discussed in the past tense – they are still contributing.

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And check out these coin necklaces.

Enjoy these coin necklaces and join in the celebrations of Native American Heritage Month. Check out your local tribes. These people are your neighbors so be neighborly. Oh, and while we are at it, check out the reasons behind the National Day of Mourning on November 25, 2021. Get out there, get to know your neighbors, you might be surprised how much you have in common!

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