Tiffany and Co. 💗 Pharrell Williams

Have you seen the shades?

Tiffany and Co. debuted an 18 karat gold pair of sunglasses that have 61 diamonds, totaling 25 carats, in partnership with Pharrell Williams. They are teasing the new ad campaign wherein we all learn “to see things differently.”

What is really interesting is that many seem to be saying that the design shape and style were lifted from 17th-century Mughal designs. Did Tiffany step in it, or does the brand “see things differently?”

We are excited to see what happens with the latest Tiffany drama, and how the LVMH brand-house deals with it. Stay happy and we’ll see you next time on Pendant and Ring.

Pharrell Williams pink heart emoji with sunglasses Tiffany and Co. Have you seen the shades?

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