Put Some Spring in Your Step! 💮

Happy Spring! Join us for a review of three wearable and splashy fashion trends on the runways right now.

In Madrid, fashion designer Ernesto Naranjo dialed into the Vaporwave vibes for his draped models in pastel colors. The silky fabrics fell in pleats with just the right amount of shimmer reflecting the bright runway lights. Wedges paired with natural, flowing, kaftan-like shapes reminded those in the audience of the nineteen seventies as did all the natural hair – intentionally underdone in glorious, full and frizzy chill-dos. See the collection on the E R N E S T O N A R A N J O clothing brand Instagram.


Aminé made a splash at the Jaquemus Fashion Show in Hawaii along with a laundry list of other top-billed performers, but let’s talk about the clothes. So many pairs of flares! Great color pairings of khaki or greige with ceylon-turquoise, powder-blue, spring-green, lime, and baby pink, accented with hot pink, yellow, and white. Colors and multiple textural layers made up the most colorful show of the year so far. Check out all the color combinations on HighSnobiety.


Lastly, the classic brand Coach continued strolling down memory lane, revisiting the baggiest fits in oversized prints bordering on grunge during NY Fashion Week. It was an extension of last season’s show with more developments in the same themes. I can hear the GenZ twitterpated sighs and the moms who wish they still had their chunky platforms and Doc Martins. See more shots from Coach’s past-future show on HypeBeast.


Thank you for joining us today!

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