Working and Living from Home; Tips and Tricks

Working from home can be an adjustment that takes time to get used to. As work-from-home veterans, we put together this list of top-ten tips and tricks to keep the peace in your space.

Set Boundaries

When two or more people share a space 24/7 it can be difficult not to step on each other’s toes. Setting up small boundaries and mindful “I need space” cues can help communicate without saying a word. Headphones can communicate as well as a do not disturb sign, but only if everyone knows what the headphones signify.

If you and your partner are sharing a space, alone time can do wonders. Try working apart, coming together for lunch, and then again for dinner and a more normal evening routine.

Doors work wonders, but with small children in the house, they can be unpractical. Make sure both you and your partner get time away from the kids in which to work and recoup. It’s not wise to let one parent do all the childrearing while they try to balance work and being at home.


YouTube has 101 different kinds of at-home exercise videos for every skill level. Look up something you have wondered about and give it a shot. The feel-good chemicals that come from exercising will boost your mood and help you avoid cabin fever.

Make Surprises

Living together every hour of every day can become monotonous. Keep things fresh with little surprises. Surprises can be something as simple as:

“I made your favorite dessert!”

“I already put the kids in bed.”

“I ordered you a lovely coin pendant necklace from Pendant and Ring and it will be here in a few days!” 😉

Communicate More

If you usually see your partner for 5 waking hours a day and now you see them 16 waking hours a day, it makes sense that you will be talking more. It is okay to say the same nice things you always say, only now with greater frequency. Although at some point you will have to get creative. Think about when you were dating. What did you talk about then?

Develop a New Routine

If you are together all the time, together-time can start to feel less special. Make a routine to separate weekdays from weekends. Work is not enough anymore, because now you can work from home every workday and on the weekends.

We keep our weekends distinct by playing video games. Every Saturday and Sunday we play a video game, it’s a small joy that makes those days different. If video games are not enjoyable for you or your significant other, you can play card games, or break out a board game, or make Saturday a fancy breakfast day. Do something, anything that makes your weekends different.

Share Chores

If you are both working from home you can both do at-home work. Take turns cooking, taking out the trash, wiping down the counters, checking the mail, doing the laundry, vacuuming, scrubbing bathtubs, and making grocery lists.

Pay Attention

Now more than ever, it is important to unplug every day. Put your phone down. Look at your surroundings. Look at the people you live with. Give them your undivided attention for five whole minutes (each!). Look outside, what do you see? If you are in a place where you can, go outside and be mindful. Pay attention to the world around you. Feel the weather, don’t just read about it.

Exercise Patience

You are not the only one making adjustments. Be mindful of your mood and the energy you bring to your space. Big deep breaths, we are going to make it through this.

Forgive Fast

There is nothing more useless than a grudge. These are trying times and it may not be easy, but try to be the first to admit fault. Be the first to forgive. Be the first to move past the upset.

Make Plans

What are you going to do this weekend? Have you found a binge-worthy show to share? Did you find an amazing recipe? Did you settle on a paint color? Where are you putting your garden again? Having something to look forward to makes the time move faster.

We hope these tips and tricks make your new life-from-home a happier experience.

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