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How to articles about collecting coins for novices and experts, layering chains, and styling your jewelry, as well as cleaning, storing, and protecting your jewelry.

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News articles about new coins recently discovered treasures, jewelry history, fashion history, trends for both, plus fashion and jewelry tips and tricks.

You can read coin history articles and World Coin Tours, Jewelry and Fashion Industry articles, articles about Pendant and Ring behind the scenes, and other fun things.

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Custom Work

At the bench, we craft custom and made-to-order items. We can reimagine your antique family heirlooms as new and beautiful pieces. You can see some examples of our work on the Special Orders page. If you have something in mind, drop us a line and we can work out the details.

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A Little About Us

More than twenty years ago, we had a dream to work from home and take care of our small family. After years of business building, we found that our love of coins, jewelry, and metalsmithing was the key to our dreams. We are grateful to have the opportunity to do what we love and play a part in your life. Thank you for shopping with Pendant and Ring Jewelry, you make our dream possible.

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3.) What do you mean by “many international locations?” Some international addresses have shipping fees. Each item’s international shipping cost is determined individually. If you purchase more than one item we will combine shipping! Contact us and ask for a shipping invoice.

We are aware of, and happy to help with VAT, CODE:PAID notes on the outside of your parcels.

4.) What does free shipping mean? By offering free shipping, we pay for your shipping cost. If you purchase multiple items on Etsy or through a custom order we will gladly ship those items together.

5.) Has COVID-19 affected shipping? Yes. Due to lingering shipping-partner slowdowns, we are currently unable to ship to some countries. The United States Post Office has provided the public with this list.

We are actively seeking better international delivery options to circumvent current shipping difficulties. We look forward to shipping to all countries again as soon as possible.

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At this time and to the best of our knowledge, if you place an order with us Sunday afternoon, and

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All of our postal carriers are hard workers. US Postal Workers are adjusting to new management philosophies under this Postmaster General, and facing an increased workload with a loss of automation. We are grateful for their continued service.

8.) Do you offer a shipping guarantee? We guarantee to ship as quickly as possible. We cannot guarantee the quality of work you will receive from another business entity. See our customer feedback to read about how quick we ship!

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