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Custom Work

Looking for something more personal? At the bench, we craft made to order items and can incorporate antique family heirlooms into new and beautiful pieces. You can see some examples of our work on the Special Orders page. If you have something in mind, drop us a line and we can get to it.

Looking for something small and collectible that’s not jewelry? Check out these collectible spoons.

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What Happens Next?

Too often in business today, closing a sale is closing a relationship. That is not the case with Pendant and Ring. Through quality free shipping and continued communication after the sale, we continue to enrich the Pendant and Ring family! We are happy to maintain a working relationship with you and to continue to meet your needs well after the purchase date.

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A Little About Us

Almost twenty years ago, we had a dream to work from home and take care of our small family. After years of business building, we found that our love of jewelry and metalsmithing was the key to our dreams. We are grateful to have the opportunity to do what we love and play a small part in your family’s holiday season. Thank you for shopping with Pendant and Ring Jewelry.

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