1.) Is this coin real?

Yes. We are coin dealers and we use real coins to make real coin pendant necklaces. If for some reason we decide to get into remakes or restrikes, we will let you know! Some of the items you will find in the shop are from uncirculated series’, and they are also real coins. They were made by a government mint at the order of that government and are official legal tender. These special proof coins are real and really uncirculated. Real commemorative coins come in two varieties. Please read the description to see if the commemorative coin you are interested in is/was legal tender or not.

Many coins were once legal tender, but are now demonetized. In most cases, early commonwealth coinage was part of the fractional currency system and when the UK et al switched to the decimal system, the fractional-system coins were demonetized.

Are demonetized coins still real coins? Yes.

Can you use them to make purchases? Maybe.

A surprising number of shopkeepers are coin collectors, and demonetized coinage (much of which is silver) is a great way to barter with willing and honorable trade partners.

We also sell antique token coins and token-coin pendants. We use real antique token coins. During historical coin shortages, the use of token coins increased. These historical tokens served as placeholders for coins during coin shortages. The use of tokens is a fascinating history. Officially recognized tokens could be exchanged for goods in public markets, and in specified locations for government currency. Are tokens coins? Not officially, they are placeholders for coins.

2.) Isn’t defacing currency illegal?

Yes, if a person modifies currency for the purposes of fraud, then they are breaking the law. Photocopying paper notes is against the law. Making your own nickels is against the law. As presented by the Dept. of the Treasury:

Section 331 of Title 18 of the United States code provides criminal penalties for anyone who “fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the Mints of the United States.” This statute means that you may be violating the law if you change the appearance of the coin and fraudulently represent it to be other than the altered coin that it is. As a matter of policy, the U.S. Mint does not promote coloring, plating or altering U.S. coinage: however, there are no sanctions against such activity absent fraudulent intent.

So making jewelry out of coins is not fraudulent. We do not mint, make, or modify currency for counterfeit (or other) fraudulent purposes. We make touchstones for your memories.

3.) What’s to stop me from making my own coin jewelry?

Do you make art too? We love to meet fellow artisans. More art makes the world a better place. If you make art, we would love to see it! Share your art with us on social media:

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4.) Can I get a specific year?

Usually, yes. We go out of our way to help you find what you are looking for. Yet, some coins were not minted every year, and others are very rare. So if it exists and we can find it, your item is priced accordingly. If you have something specific in mind contact us!

5.) What Payment methods do you accept?

For custom items we will send an invoice, then list and bill through the platform Etsy, or eBay. In those instances we will create a reserved listing for you and you will complete payment through the platform.

For custom orders not associated with either Etsy, or Ebay, we will send an invoice that is due upon receipt. We accept and process all major credit and debit cards through PayPal.


6.) How wide are the necklace chains?

Please read the listings associated with your items of interest. We make a concerted effort to write how wide the necklace chains are in each listing because we offer many options.

7.) What are your shipping and handling times?

Allow 48 business hours for shipping and handling after you have made your purchase. You also have the option to purchase expedited shipping in the Etsy stores.

If your question was not answered, contact us. We are happy to help!

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