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At Pendant and Ring we help you find your connection to the past. Whether you are looking for a token of remembrance, celebration, or a promise of more joyful years ahead, we can help you mark the occasion.


Our self-employed story starts seventeen years ago with our first child in tow. In 2001, the Internet was a new and wondrous place full of dot-com businesses, but we were not on that high road to fame, fortune and bubble popping. Instead we worked in real estate.

Our real estate business grew, slowly at first, through networking, word of mouth, traditional newspaper advertising, and ads on, then new, craigslist. Although we did not know it at the time, a real estate bubble loomed on the horizon. Aware of the dot-com pop and increasingly fearful of the same trends in real estate, we turned our eyes to the world of e-commerce in 2003. We celebrated the birth of our second child and within six months the real estate bubble burst.

To try to hold onto some of what we had worked for, we doubled our efforts on craigslist, tried a few listings on eBay and Etsy, and developed service businesses in our areas of expertise.

Faced with crisis, the man of character falls back on himself. -Charles de Gaulle

We developed successful businesses over the years, but none fed our souls, and none supported our lifestyle the way real estate had. Meanwhile, our eldest started school, and hated it. What three-year-old complains of boredom after two weeks of school? On rocky business ground, enduring financial hardships that included downsizing, with an unsure future, we began our homeschooling journey.

Business coexisted with children playing with blocks on the floor and reading fax cover sheets. Charles’ love of history deepened as users uploaded documentary clips about the great wars, and the rise and fall of empires on YouTube. CD-Rom software and educational websites like Starfall.com sang the ABC’s and counted in the background. Then, in 2008 we were hard hit by the recession and its consequences.

Already in a smaller home with older cars, the recession made it difficult to sell our services as everyone tightened their belts. Again we looked to e-commerce. Charles redoubled his efforts on eBay. Renee went back to school, hopeful that further education might provide a solution. Together we invested every extra penny, and every extra minute into the fledgling business.

Our first eBay store grew alongside the children and before we knew it, we had teenagers. As the kids’ activities developed so did the activity fees. Later, we opened a second store later to help provide for the expenses of adolescence. Through our stores we have met people all over the US and all over the world. A number of those buyers and sellers have become our friends. We share ideas, vacation pictures, and console each other in times of hardship. We are happily a part of that global village.

By opening this website we hope to deepen the connections we built with our friends, and earn the respect of new customers with their own history to share. Our daughter, the one who was bored after two weeks of pre-3, just started college. Our son just completed Drivers Ed. It’s time we move out from under eBay’s wing and fly on our own.

Opportunities are the result of pluck, not luck. The people who succeed seek out opportunities, and if they can’t find them, they create them. – John C. Maxwell

Thank you for your interest in our history. We look forward to connecting you with yours.

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