Who is Dylan Lauren?

First – We picked Dylan Lauren because we love what she had to say about jewelry.

I’m not so much a shoe or bag person as jewelry, and I think it’s because jewelry is like candy. – Dylan Lauren.

How can we not love that! Jewelry is like candy – or maybe sugar sprinkles, or maybe icing… We feel the same.

So Dylan Lauren owns and operates Dylan’s Candy Bar, a candy and confectionary line. They have the yummiest looking treats – we are eyeing the chocolate dipped cookies and cake pops. Yum.

Click image to visit Dylan’s Candy Bar

She opened Dylan’s Candy Bar in 2001 with the vision of marrying fashion and food. She started in fashion first because her father is Ralph Lauren. (“Ah-ha!” You say.) Ralph Lauren doesn’t need an introduction. Suffice it to say he sells clothes, bags, shoes and, you guessed it, jewelry. Like Dylan, we love the jewelry most.

So explore the store and see what kind of candy you can find today.

Until Thursday,
Enjoy the sweet life!!



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