Summer Trends 2019 – Jewelry Edition

After reviewing the top fashion shows from all over the world – these are the jewelry trends you can expect as the summer progresses…

1. Less glitter, more sparkle and shimmer. The decline of fire opal is afoot. Say goodbye to the anodized finish. The glitter-bomb look of your accessories starts to lose its luster in favor of crystal clear sparkle or rainbow shimmer. Reach for clear stones and beads, bonus points if they have the hologram rainbow finish.

2. During the hot summer nights dial-up your edge factor. Wear that latex black choker with the lacquer black, sharpened studs. Opt for a tiny tuxedo bow tie as a collar necklace – bonus if you can find it in latex. Seek out the large latex cuffs, or stack the super thin, ultra shiny, rubber bracelets for the heavy cuff look. If you choose to stack, embrace the rainbow, more color can make your edgy flirt. During the day, pair the rainbow stacked bracelets with a tiny white tank top and strut your stuff.

3. Gold reigns supreme in the professional world as ladies and gentlemen opt for simple chains with heavy pendant that rests half way between the collar bones and nipples. The hoop earrings are here to stay; keep big hoops thin and tiny hoops thicc. Oversized coin earring studs emerge as an option that really pops with the modern shag hairstyles and moves seamlessly from day-at-work to night-on-the-town.

4. The anklet is making a comeback. The next time you go sailing show off your sexy ankles with a silver or gold anklet and delicate dangle charm, or tap into that edge and wear a black rubber, or super-thin silicone, beaded anklet.

5. Speaking of silicone… Silicone jewelry is making inroads in the fashion industry. Its durability, low-cost, comfort, and infinite color options make it a popular fashion jewelry choice. Search for silicone choker, bracelet, ring (yes ring!), or anklet to up your ath-leisure cred.

So that pretty much sums up the 2019 summer fashion jewelry trends. Keep in mind, trends change – but personal style is forever.
Until Tuesday,
Keep Your Chin Up and Remember to Be You!

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