Tip Tuesday: Accessorize for the Job You Want

You’ve heard about dressing for the job you want, but have you heard about accessorizing for the job you want?

Your boss and your associates see you every work day, subtle changes in your wardrobe can indicate that you are ready for more responsibility (and a raise). Depending on your office environment some jewelry items may not be appropriate. You wouldn’t want your dentist slapping you on the cheek with a bunch of bangles, nor would gum wrapper rings install confidence when you go to see your financial planner. If you are ready to step up your game, let the world know, dress for it.

  1. Choose one power piece as the focal point of your accessories. A statement pendant, or necklace, scarf, or a pin can serve as the foundation of your accessories. The statement piece dictates the color and material of the other pieces.
  2. A signature item like a right-hand ring can show your employer that you are stable and consistent if you wear it every day.
  3. Your field, and position in an organization can help you chose the size of your earrings. Receptionists can wear large hoops, dangle earrings and other statement earrings whereas middle-management, assistants and bank tellers typically wear less flamboyant earrings, although jaw-length dangle earrings, and small to medium hoops are completely acceptable. Although upper-management can wear what they want, they typically stick to posts, or other small earrings, perhaps because their focus is on their career.
  4. In some fields bracelets are unappropriated, but in others, they can complete a professional look. Watches are experiencing a resurgence as Apple, Google and Fitbit vie for attention on your wrist. Bracelets and watches can add to a polished appearance if they match the vibe of your place of employment. In sales, watches and bracelets are part of your first impression as you reach forward for the shake and clasp. Make sure your watch says what you want it too. If you sell sporting goods perhaps a rose gold, silicone, Fitbit lets your customer know you are active too, and understand the importance of health. If you sell iPhone’s your sterling silver Apple watch lets your customer know that you value quality and trust the brand enough to use it yourself. If you sell pharmaceuticals perhaps a rose gold mesh, stainless steel Armani watch is the one for you because it says knowledge is power and you are not in the business of wasting time.

In sum, make sure to dress and accessorize for the job you want, not the job you have. We hope these jewelry tips help you look your best (and help you get that raise)!

Until Next Time
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