#tiptuesday – How to repair a broken post earring at work.

It happens. Jewelry breaks, and usually at an inopportune time, like when you are at work. But it’s okay. You can fix your earring and make it through the rest of the day looking as polished and put together as ever. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to quickly fix a broken post earring.

What you need:

A large pink eraser, a penknife/letter opener, super glue, baking soda, small disposable container. (Baking soda is often kept in the break room refrigerator as a deodorizer.)
Optional: small pliers or tweezers, make up brush

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Step one: Retrieve the pieces and assess the damage. Typically a break occurs where the decorative element attaches to the post.

Step two: Secure the decorative element. Use a letter opener or another sharp implement to carve a small depression in the eraser. Make sure the depression is not too large. Once your embellishment is secure move to step three.

Step three: Carefully apply a drop (not too much!) of super glue to the back of the embellishment. Be careful not to get any super glue on your skin.

Step four: Pour a small amount of baking soda into a disposable container.

Step five: Inspect the post, make sure it is clean and free of debris. Place the end of the post in the superglue on the back of the embellishment and hold it in place with one hand. Be careful not to get superglue on your skin!

Step six: Take a small pinch of baking soda with your other hand and sprinkle it over the earring.

Step seven: Make sure there is no super glue on your fingers. Hold the post for an additional 20 seconds, then carefully let go. Apply another pinch of baking soda, making sure to hold the post in place and cover all the superglue. Let the earrings sit for five minutes.

Step eight: Carefully remove the earring by prying the embellishment loose with the letter opener. Do not pull on the post.

Step nine: You can use a makeup brush to brush off the loose baking soda or just rinse gently in cold water. The super glue will not be clear. It will be cloudy or white. Pat the earring dry. You did it!

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