Tumblr Tuesday #5

From #10 to #1, countdown our top 10 tumblr (re)posts on Pendant and Ring tumblr!

#10 is a lovely Australian nightgown (that looks like an evening gown) from 1938.

#9 is a Dutch, 1919, oil painting of a stand of trees in the art nouveau style.

#8 is an arched balcony window through which we see two boats on the water and rolling hills.

#7 contains two Alphonse Mucha personifications, one of “Spring” and the other of “Summer.”

#6 is an envelope from Washington DC to New York with a 3 cent stamp, postmarked 1919.

#5 is a selection of delicate tiaras displayed on glass shelves in a black case.

#4 contains two gifs of lily pads with glittering water droplets on the leaves. The original source is a holistic skincare business from Oregon. Their products look positively delicious.

#3 is a quote from American Muslim scholar, civil rights activist, writer, and speaker Omar Suleiman.

#2 is a collection of tiaras and crowns from Dolce and Gabbana Spring/Summer 2019.

The #1 post for the past month was a wonderful bit of advice from the 1943 Bloomington-Normal newspaper, which was founded in 1837.

So that wraps up the top-ten posts on Pendant and Ring in the past month! Like what you see here? Check Pendant and Ring tumblr for more!

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