Nov 12 Tumblr Tuesday #7

Happy Tuesday!

It’s time for Pendant and Ring’s monthly tumblr review! From 10 to 1, these are the top tumblr reposts.

There are some very happy looking couple photos inthe mix this month, as we discussed engagement ring trends and the move away from diamonds towards colorful and dainty semi-precious stones.

We also discussed the unfortunate super complication pocket watch and how it might just be possessed!

Fashion and Jewelry as sister industries and I just loved the silver details in this sheer and bejeweled dress.

Everybody deserves to glow! Your glow is not about the clothes you wear or the jewelry you have. It’s about you loving the real you and taking care of you! Get your glow on!

The next two couple shots are actually a tie, with the same amount of notes, but I like the top one better so it gets priority.

We had our first hard freeze last night. The few tools we left out in the workshop are frozen to the bench. Luckily, the woodstove is roaring and the rest will be warm soon. Happy Fall!

These remind me of the Elton John glasses craze. My mother had an oversized yellow pair of crazy huge sunglasses from the 70s. These purple pretties are next level, and Sir Reginald would probably love to have a pair!

In September we talked about gold and silver trends, then dove deeper, examining the gold and silver markets in October. This shot has the casual holiday vibe of the year, without all the stuffy attachments that make things too formal. Enjoy your holiday season, wear silver jewelry and gold jewelry and jewelry you love! Don’t take the holidays too seriously, it’s a time for you to enjoy yourself. 🍂

Talk about enjoying yourself; look at these guys. They look focused on one another and entirely in-the-moment. That looks like enjoying yourself to me.

Here ends out tumblr tour! Thanks for joining us!

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