Changes at Tiffany & Co.

There are big moves taking place in the jewelry industry! On November 11th we talked about Barneys New York and how they are restructuring and downsizing. Yesterday, I heard that the former CEO of Barneys New York was just hired at Tiffany and Co.!

Daniella Vitale will take up the mantle as the executive vice president and chief brand officer. Once Vitale takes over, she will be in charge of merchandising and marketing. So my question is this: who does girl know? If Barneys is a listing ship, I want to know, who threw Vitale a lifeline?

Whoever threw the line, I am grateful that they did because Vitale has top-of-the-line skills. I can’t wait to see her influence on the Tiffany line. Although I love the traditional Tiffany take, it will be nice to see how the brand glows under Vitale’s hand. The years she spent at Armani have influenced her approach, and her instinct is unstoppable. The hire is official on December first, and has already been approved by the markets; Tiffany stock is on the rise!

Tiffany and Co is Changing

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