Happy Thanksgiving USA! and An Explanation for our International Friends.

Hello and Thank You for joining us today!
We hope you are enjoying your most jovial Thanksgiving yet!
As it turns out, there are some questions from our friends in the wide world about what exactly goes on, on Thanksgiving Day in the USofA. So we put together this list of Thanksgiving traditions. If you can think of more, add them in the comments.

Favorite Foods

No Thanksgiving is complete without your favorite foods. For me, it’s whole-berry cranberry sauce. Charles loves green bean casserole, and our kids love mashed potatoes and white gravy, and jalapeno poppers. Whatever your favorite food is, and no matter how bad it is for you – Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful that it exists and indulge! Unlike traditional family dinners that occur at any time of year, Thanksgiving is a multi-family event where each attendee brings their favorite dish. That can mean 20 dishes for 20 people. There is no room to eat at the table because it is full of food!


Whether you are celebrating your childhood family, or your chosen family we make a big deal of the people in our lives on Thanksgiving Day. It’s the #1 day to reach out to long lost friends with a tweet, a text, or a message just to say “I’m Thankful for you!” Big family dinners come with their own set of drawbacks as sometimes family can be less than friendly, but today is the day we all try to see past our differences. Some house rules for a peaceable family get-together might include; no discussion of politics, religion, or news, talk loud enough that EVERYONE can hear you, be a gracious guest and generously share your leftovers.

Thanksgiving Explained

The Old Pigskin

Now this not about food, this is about American Football. In the early days of this national sport, the balls were made out of inflated pig bladders, hence the name. Today, Football is a tradition enjoyed in many homes. Some people go outside and enjoy a game of touch football after filling up on way too many carbohydrates, while others fall asleep on the couch watching the Thanksgiving Day Game. (I’m looking at you, Grandpa!) This year we have three games to watch: the Chicago Bears face off against the Detroit Lions, the Buffalo Bills meet the Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Saints vs the Atlanta Falcons. Altogether, that’s about 12 hours of football, enough for the biggest fans!

Hello Christmas!

Thanksgiving Day is the gateway to Christmas and nothing ushers in Christmas better than the Macy’s Day Parade. In its 93rd year, the annual Thanksgiving Day parade begins at 9am and concludes with Santa on his sleigh, riding into New York City at noon. Many people in the US hold Thanksgiving Day as a sacrosanct shopping-free day. Other people stay up late, eating leftovers, until midnight looking forward to the start of Black Friday. Some people even brave the cold and camp out on sidewalks awaiting the 12am start-time of Black Friday. These are the hard-core shoppers battling for bragging rights in the wee hours of the morning. Others watch holiday movies until the clock strikes midnight then log on to snag the Black Friday deals found online.

There are as many different ways to celebrate Thanksgiving as there are cultures in this melting pot of a nation, yet we all share at least one similarity. Thanksgiving is a day set aside with the intention to express gratitude and give thanks for our loved ones. In closing, we bid you the Happiest of Thanksgivings; we are glad you are in our lives.

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