Jewelry News; Replay The Roaring 20s.

Welcome to the new decade! It seems that the 2020s jewelry trends are just as glamorous as the 1920s. Trending styles in the jewelry industry and in the world of social media echo the straight art deco lines that frame the century old-style icons. Roaring 20s here we come!

Coleen Moore starring in The Perfect Flapper wore the long strands of flapper beads wrapped twice and three times about the neck and hanging down to the waist. The silent film was one of the first to celebrate the independent woman, working her own way up the corporate ladder, such as it was in the 1920s. At that time it was still taboo for a woman to purchase her own jewelry, but the intuitive jewelers in progressive towns like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City started crafting chunky crystal rings and long strands of beads for the 1920 Boss Babe to buy for herself. Cocktail rings never left, and long beads are expected to come back and started making their debut at the 2020 Golden Globe awards show.

roaring 20s flapper beads

Gloria Swanson was the star of Sunset Boulevard. She wears a choker very similar in style to the Tiffany choker Charlize Theron wore to the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

Tiffany Choker Charlize Theron

In addition to the replay of flapper beads and chokers, we can look forward to a resurgence in drop and dangle earrings like the ones worn in the 1920s. Then, the bob hairstyles were a rebellion against gender norms,  an expression of independence, and a really cute way to show off the dripping pearl drops, or chunky crystal earrings so popular at the time. Actress Norma Talmadge, star of Camille, wears a pair of slinky drop earrings in the photo below. Marion Davies, the female lead in Show People, also donned some great dangle earrings.

Roaring 20s dangle earrings


It looks like we have a lot of beautiful things to wear in the next decade! And maybe a bob is just the thing to show off your new jewelry too.

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Jewelry trends 2020


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