Jewelry News: Brands to Watch and a Grammy Jewelry Review

Let’s talk about the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, of course, but before we get to that, let’s also talk about the new jewelry brand Foundrae, the Art Deco Erté items for sale at the Met, Deconic fashion jewelry that screams 1990 fashion, and an important development in the jewelry world that will help us all communicate more effectively. Let’s get to it.


This company is built on the brilliance of designer Beth Bugdaycay. The first jewelry-line revives old symbols and puts the spotlight on new symbols in classically styled fine jewelry. The brand explains the significance of each proffered symbol or phrase in each piece, so buyers know exactly what they are getting.


Art Deco is the main theme in the Etré jewelry line. The designs are inspired by bonafide 1920’s art pieces and crafted in gold, enamel, and Swarovski crystal. Look for more pieces like these as the decade progresses.

Rebecca Minkoff

Growing up in California in the 1990’s was an experience. Although those days are getting farther and farther away, the West-coast vibes are alive and well in the new Rebecca Minkoff, Deconic line. Deconic officially partnered with Rebecca Minkoff so look for her beauties for sale soon!

Jewelry Trends Foundrae The Met Rebecca Minkoff Deconic
Foundrae, The Met, Rebecca Minkoff, and Deconic

Jewelry Glossary Project

This project is near and dear to my heart and I agree completely in the mission statement; “Because words matter.” In order for us to understand each other better, we have to create a language that clarifies what is important in the jewelry industry and in life. This glossary project is a living passion project with industry-accepted definitions and explanations of some of the current language used to describe jewelry including ethical, sustainable, and Fair Trade Certified. These terms are defined for the benefit of all jewelry-makers and jewelry-lovers in the world. I cannot wait to see how this glossary develops.

The 62nd Grammy Award Ceremony

Lizzo, the evening’s first award winner, started the show off with a bang surrounded by her beautiful dancers. Alicia Keys silver dress was so beautiful – and didn’t I call it? Silver for the win in 2020! Not only was her dress amazing but her hair and the tiny stones in each of the curls on her forehead were beautiful. Boyz II Men came on stage and I totally didn’t cry, okay maybe just a little. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton shared their love. Then Alicia sang us all into a sense of unity, “knowing music is love.” Billie Eilish won the night but we’re here to talk about the jewels! Although the ladies of the Grammy’s have dazzled for the past 62 years, this year the men really dressed the part!

Billy Porter wore a diamond-studded, hollow, rectangle pinky ring, multi-strand collar, and a stunning spider bracelet to accent his crystal-studded and fringed hat and pantsuit with a matching clutch.

Two of the three Jonas Brothers wore very traditional princess strands of pearls with their designer duds.

Tyler, the Creator rocked a left-hand ring, a right-hand statement ring, and three chains with one charm on each.

Steven Tyler wore enough jewelry on his person to open a boutique, but that’s nothing new!

Lil Naz X positively glittered in his holographic shirt and pants with two different rhinestone-applique black cowboy hats, one featuring the zodiac.

YG wore a red suit, no shirt, and a stunning, triple-chain gold choker, with multiple fixed pendants in a tribute performance to Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant.

Although not jewelry, I have to mention John Legend for his blazer choice as he introduced the Body Electric. I love it; clean lines and half-skirt we can’t beat that!


Here ends the Pendant and Ring Jewelry News for January 2020!

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