#ThursdayThoughts – It feels good to glitter.

Today was a day of Zoom meetings. As the conversations moved along I noticed the jewelry the other people in the calls were wearing and it got me to thinking.

How has the recent social isolation changed the way we view and wear jewelry?

I was in my basic jewelry, the stuff I never take off including a silver necklace with an owl charm. On my hands, I wore a birthstone ring and my wedding set. The other people were wearing minimal jewelry too, also their staple pieces.

So does this mean jewelry is less a part of life now that we are working from home and showing up on a screen instead of in person?

I don’t think so.

Today I spoke exclusively with family, so I was in a casual mindset resulting in casual jewelry.

Yet when I video conference with new customers I always make sure my jewelry is looking fresh, just as if I were meeting them in person.

Our best pieces of jewelry are even more important during this period of isolation.

After looking back on the conference calls placed over the past two months, it seems that more people are wearing their finery at home. The pieces that boost their moods are increasingly appearing in conference calls and in social media.

This might be helpful in creating separation between work time and home time now that both happen in the same space. But maybe there is a simple answer. Maybe people are wearing their best pieces because jewelry makes us feel good.

It feels good to glitter.

So, open up your jewelry box and wear that amazing piece that is usually too much, too loud, or too nice for everyday wear. You’re not going to lose it in the comfort of your own home. There is no safer space to wear it!


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