3 Amazing Staycation Ideas #WowMeWednesday

As much we would love to travel to a vacation destination this summer, it seems more prudent for us to stay home. Join us for three great ways to get the most out of your staycation.

The Caribbean Themed Holistay

The islands all have a few things in common; they are surrounded by water, the flora is enchanting and the fauna is stunning.

To re-create an island staycation bring beachy elements into your space. Get out your beach blankets and beach towels. Put on your swimsuit. Put sunscreen on your nose. Remember to engage each of your five senses! You can create a powerful feeling of the tropics with music. Find a reggae album on YouTube (or check out this Tropical Vibe Mix). You don’t have to have a tropical waterfall in your backyard to get that freshwater scent if you have a garden mister. You don’t have to have the sea breeze to feel a fan caress your cheeks. You can watch the sunset without a window on the keys and you can enjoy a summer cocktail without a bartender.

If you have children to entertain, get them involved in decorating for your staycation. Kids can draw and color any island themed pictures for their upcoming holistay. Maybe ocean life, hibiscus, or mermaid coloring sheets can entertain your little creators. Watch nature documentaries and movies about the islands. Build up your staycation and when the time comes, let go of the routine for a weekend, or a week, and embrace the island vibe.

The European Touring Couch

In order to explore Europe during your staycation, you will need the right clothes, the right food, and the right attitude. Before your couch-flight make a dish of fish and chips with this easy recipe. You can enjoy the meal during your in-flight movie that stars Hugh Grant or Sean Connery or wait until arrival in London. After a walk through the enormous Heathrow airport, enjoy the sights of London from your coach-couch with a little help from National Geographic Channel, or the Travel Channel, or YouTube!

On day two, you can hop the British Channel and visit France. For lunch, you can enjoy a crustless quiche and cannellini asparagus salad while soaking up the sounds of a French Cafe. Don your beret and hop in the coach-couch for a tour of the Lourve in Paris. The people-watching is half the fun!

On day three, travel to the Green Isle, and enjoy some Haddock Salad with a tall glass of Magners Original Irish Cider at a lively local pub with a great lineup of bands. Dance your way into the evening and find a comfortable chair. To finish your Irish evening, tour the Saltee Islands with Irish-native Greg Dorney, and the 846-year-old Hook Lighthouse with travel vloggers BlackAndGinger on YouTube.

On day four’s long flight home, you can choose from a large selection of documentary programs, or movies about your favorite European places. You can find many options on YouTube for free, on through Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, other platforms, or through your cable provider. Gather three small bags of peanuts and two cans of Sprite, then you can sit back and enjoy your flight.

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The TimeTravel Steampunk Staycation

TimeTravel requires a little more preparation than other forms of travel. You need the right attire for the time and place you wish to visit and, of course, a properly tested time machine. The dawning of Steampunk is found in the First Industrial Revolution. Make sure you have the right clothing and travel gear including goggles and leather hats so you can blend right in. Prepare for your journey by packing your steampunk satchel with enough food and water for the day because we can’t really trust the food or water when we’re going.

The First Industrial Revolution began in the mid 18th century and lasted into the first quarter of the 19th century. Our first stop is in Hibernia in 1769. In Dublin, a Mother labors to bring a son into the world. It is the little Martin Archer Shee who grows up to be a famous Irish painter despite his father’s wishes. Beyond that, Martin Archer Shee has numerous accomplishments in the arts, he becomes the President of the Royal Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society, and a Knight of the English realm. His life-like portraiture captures some subtle changes that the First Industrial Revolution brought about in the background scenes. Sir Archer-Shee’s memoir was published in 1823 and you can read for free when we return to modern-day.

Our second stop is in the English Channel, days after a ferocious storm in 1808. The water has settled, as much as it ever does, and the Time Machine lands smoothly on the floats as we take in the sun and salty air. We activate submarine-mode and descend into the murky depths where we see a fresh shipwreck resting on the sand. The ship before us is just out of harbor and laden with bronze coins bound for East India. After more than a hundred years in their watery resting place, these coins will be exhumed as shipwreck recovered treasure. The neatest thing (for Steampunks) about these coins is that they were made with the first steam-powered coin press. Learn more about a steam-powered coin press with the help of Popular Science on YouTube.

The last stop on our Steampunk Staycation takes us to Spain during the Ominous Decade, also called the Liberal Rebellion (1823-1833). During this period Spain was at war with itself, at home and abroad. All around Spain, the First Industrial Revolution increased the power and might of other European nations but Spain struggled against division. The monarchy fought for control against liberal politicians and even asked a coalition of foreign troops to join the war on behalf of the King. Meanwhile, the colonies slipped the grip on the monarchy and declared their independence. This focus on war prevented the development of wonderous steam-powered devices, and many tasks were managed in time-honored ways. Coins, for example, were still cut from cobbs. Now then, let us travel to Spain to watch King Ferdinand VII try to quash the liberal revolutionaries. 

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We hope you enjoyed these staycation ideas and will take some time to enjoy the videos, text, and images we linked too. Join us next time for #WowMeWednesday on Pendant and Ring!

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