4th of July, 2020 – Celebrating At Home

This may not be the 4th of July holiday you were hoping for, but it can still be fun! We have 11 different ways you can celebrate 4th of July and stay safe!


11 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July At Home

For the Extroverts:

Livestream – If you haven’t already, check out your favorite social media options for live streaming. You can make a short video or start your very own summer vlog. Invite all your friends to the chat and give them a tour of your quarantine updated spread. You can finish with a fireworks reaction video starring you!

Video Calls / Family Zoom – Even if you can’t be together in the real world, you can still be together in the virtual one! Remind your camera-shy family and friends that they can opt to join voice-only, although no one will judge them for Quarantine hair.

Roof Party – If you are in an urban area, head to the roof with a few lawn chairs and kid-sized pool. Have a seat, sip a beverage of your choosing and soak those toes in some cool water while you and your neighbors enjoy the sunset and fireworks display put on by your city. You’d be surprised how welcoming a small pool can be!

Neighborly Yard Party – If you are in the suburbs, see if you can entice your next-door neighbors into a BYOFood BBQ. They stay in their yard and you stay in yours, but you all celebrate together.

Dance and Karaoke Party – Got a house full? Time to pump up the jams! Have the kids make microphones out of paper towel rolls, or toilet paper rolls and use your phone or smart tv to sing along to everyone’s favorite songs on YouTube.

For the Introverts:

Picnic Feast – Get all your favorite picnic goodies and set them out on a blanket. You can even stay inside if you want to. Lock the dog in the other room (and the cat too) then enjoy your 4th of July picnic in the middle of the living room floor!

Netflix / Amazon Watch Party – Text a fellow introvert and watch a movie together, while apart. It will be fun to watch a movie with someone who understands the necessity of quiet, but who you can still hear when the laughs start rolling or the jump scares start stacking.

Review your History – How has the 4th of July celebration changed over the years? How does the American Independence Day celebration differ from other countries’ Independence celebrations? How much do you really know about the 4th of July?

Write a Letter to Your Future Self – These are trying times, but look at you! You are surviving! Use FutureMe to write your future self a letter detailing how you dug deep and found strength in the first half of 2020. Or maybe something less serious, maybe tell yourself a joke. I bet you forget it over the next five years!

Red White and Blue Bath Bombs – Indulge in some patriotic self-care with these red, white, and blue fizzing bath bombs from Etsy.

For Everyone:

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How ever you decide to celebrate this 4th of July, we hope you enjoy yourself and stay safe.

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