Fall and Winter Fashion 2020/21

Beyond the dog days of summer waits the cool fall breeze. The runways provide a preview of fall color with stealthy comfort at the forefront.

The 2020/21 season ushers in a swirl of warm colors. The traditional fall colors; browns, burgundy, oranges, and purples are in play in bright shades, all anchored by deep blues and greens. The blue this season ranges from Military Dress Blue to Electric Blue to Sky Blue. Whatever important office meeting you have coming up, make sure to include some blue in your wardrobe. The greens are not as varied, but anything that looks remotely military in shade or hue is up for grabs.

Opt not for patterns, but for fine details. Pleats and ruffles are all the rage, the more plentiful and smaller the better. Quality tailoring is making a comeback, although everything is slightly oversized.

Fine fabrics demand attention to look right, this season is not brimming with wash and wear looks, but with carefully crafted ensembles that say, “I took time to put this together because you matter to me,” rather than, “I threw this on and I think it’s clean.”

Whenever blue is an accessory color in an outfit, wear silver jewelry. The cool of the color blue and the sleek cool shine of silver are complementary. There is a seriousness in the fall collections that reflects the seriousness of the year. For example, pairing bright orange with navy blue is an expression of hope tempered with the reality that we still have hurdles to clear.

fall winter 2020 2021 color trends

As we lean into winter, red shades will become more prominent. We see hints of mixed metal jewelry, perhaps copper and gold, or gold and silver in refined accessories.

During the winter months be brave with color. Although we may not have the traditional gatherings we have enjoyed in previous years, warmth also comes from within. Wrap yourself in brilliant shades of your favorite colors and take heart in the fact that not going to visit is showing that you care.

The general shapes on the runways this season are soft and slinky but billow when the models move; nearly the opposite of the hard and boxy shapes we saw in the 2020 Spring and Summer collections. Shoulder pads remain, but softer than last season. Micropleating makes a slim silhouette while providing plenty of room to move.

Business attire was less like the 1930s-40s zoot suits and more 1990s oversized tailored suits. All items were tailored but not tight. Again, if I had to sum up the runway action in the fewest words, I would say the look to craft is one of stealthy comfort.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is anything but stealthy. Larger pieces adorned the runways. Chunky earrings, large pendants, thick chains, and statement pieces add shimmer to the solid colors. In jewelry, we see a greater level of personal expression throughout fall and winter 2020/21. Christian Dior and Dolce and Gabbana placed multiple pendants on a single thick chain to make brilliant statement necklaces. Solid colors and subtle patterns really let your jewelry shine.

Not to say there were no patterns, the Helmstedt fashion show in Copenhagen featured numerous playful patterns in glamorous pajama styles. Like so many other things in 2020, the only rules are, there are no rules!

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Color Trends Fashion fall winter 2020 2021

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